Your Hoteliers

Diane and Andrew Knutson are the latest stewards of the Inn and surrounding Nature that is “The Kleemann House”.

Diane and Andrew became owner-operators at the House since Tinpsila Itkaghcha Wi (Ripe Turnips Moon) in 2022. During their routine work stays, Andrew and Diane are often seen playing in the Courtyard at the House, enjoying early morning stroller walks or stargazing with their children. At home, Andrew is the Chief Fun Officer, in his free time he does extensive estate planning legal work with the legal crew at Thompson Law.

When not attending to The Kleemann House operations, Diane is typically with the kids, tending to the garden, or protecting the night from light pollution in service with the DarkSky International and DarkSky South Dakota non-profit organizations.

Your Hoteliers,

Diane & Andrew

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